Waking Watch

Here at BK Fire, we have extensive experience in assisting Building Owners and Managers with meeting their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, also known as the Fire Safety Order (or “FSO”).

The National Council for Fire Chiefs (NFCC) has issued guidance in the wake of the Grenfell Enquiry, requiring high rise apartment buildings (over 18m) to change to an Evacuation Strategy, rather than the standard “Stay Put” policy that has previously been used.  Many buildings were designed and built without alerting systems in place, as the fireproof layers between each “fire zone” should ensure that residents of a building stay safe until the Fire Brigade arrive to evacuate them safely.  This means Building Owners spending thousands on a Waking Watch to ensure that residents are alerted and evacuated at the first sign of a fire.

We have installed wireless systems into several high rise blocks that have been found to have unsafe cladding.  This has removed the need for Waking Watch and has saved the building residents thousands of pounds in Service Charges.  These systems can be installed and removed / relocated with the minimum of disruption, which means they can often pay for themselves in terms of saving Waking Watch fees.