Smoke Control Systems

Having a safe Means of Escape is vital in the event of a fire.  Smoke control systems covering the Escape Routes can save lives by keeping escape routes free from smoke.  Smoke ventilation systems can also reduce the risk of damage to the building and provide a safe means of access for fire-fighters.  There are 2 ways to activate a smoke ventilation system; automatic detection (AOV) and manually-operated (MOV).

Approved Document B has details on the specifications applicable to smoke control systems for various building layouts (eg. single stair, multi staircase).  Local Authority Building Control are requiring that new buildings and refurbishments have a working smoke ventilation system.  This ensures safe exit routes for occupants, which has become a priority following the findings of the Grenfell Enquiry.

Types of System

There are various types of smoke control system, including:

  • Natural smoke ventilation - automatic (AOV) or manual (MOV)
  • Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV)
  • Car Park Ventilation System
  • Mechanical ventilation


It is important to have a fire strategy that outlines the escape policy for occupants (Stay Put or Evacuation).  In addition, it can also describe how the fire safety equipment in the building forms part of the overall safety plan.  However, a small single staircase building may not require a professional strategy; these are generally used in more complex scenarios.  Please contact us for more information on how a fire strategy can improve your building's overall fire design and compliance.

Our Services

LINK Smoke Control are members of the Smoke Control Association and hold IFC SDI19 accreditation.  We install and maintain AOVs and other forms of smoke ventilation to BS 7346-8:2013.  We are experienced in maintaining and repairing existing systems, as well as installing new systems.  Our Quotes Team can work with you on any project to suit your budget and building type.

We offer a free survey and advice from our consultant engineers on how best to approach the all-important task of ensuring your building meets fire regulations.

LINK also sells AOV parts and components.  Please visit our Products Page and submit an enquiry.  Our Quotes team will be pleased to help you with any requirements you may have.