FIMS Privacy

This privacy policy is for this website and served by BK Fire Limited and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it.

BK Fire is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and products. This includes protecting the privacy of our customers and ensuring a secure experience with BK Fire Limited, we are committed to managing data sensitively and ethically.

The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website and website owners. Furthermore the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information will also be detailed within this policy.

The Website

This website and its owners take a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their visiting experience. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Basis for processing Data
BK Fire processes customer’s personal information on a contract basis, in order to allow BK Fire to carry out its obligations under contractual services to the customer.

What is personal information?
Personal information is information about an individual who can be identified, or whose identity could be reasonably ascertained, from the information. BK Fire Limited has a policy to collect basic personal information to be able to deliver the services offered by ourselves. We collect personal information directly from individuals when a customer/ member makes an enquiry to BK Fire Limited. It is company policy to not request or store any excessive or sensitive personal information.

How we use personal information
BK Fire Limited will collect information that is necessary for them to carry out the primary purpose of providing services and advice relating to the customer. Personal information may be used in order to:

• Provide the services required
• Internal accounting and administration
• Keeping the customer informed on news and special offers
If BK Fire Limited sends any information about services or products that are not required, or a customer does not want personal information disclosed to any other organisation they can advise us accordingly in writing.

BK Fire Limited does not share or disclose personal information
When a customer / member provides us with personal information about other individuals, BK Fire Limited relies on that customer to make the individual aware that the information has been provided to BK Fire Limited and for what purpose, and to whom it may be disclosed and also how they can access their information. This is extremely important for organisations that are providing the personal information on behalf of their members.

Storage and security of personal information
BK Fire Limited stores personal information on it’s database, FIMS. The personal information may be held in both paper file and computer file form. BK Fire Limited has implemented measures of a reasonable nature to ensure that all personal information is securely stored from misuse, loss and unauthorised handling.

Access to personal information
The customer has a right to access their personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law. The customer can gain access to their personal information by contacting us. The customer may also advise us at any time about possible breaches of privacy, or inaccurate, incomplete personal information, which may have changed.

Right to erasure
GDPR gives EU residents the right to see, have amended or delete all personal data held. The broad principle underpinning this right is to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.

The right to erasure, does not provide an absolute ‘right to be forgotten’. We have a system in place to remove inactive personal data after 6 years. We have chosen this timescale because of potential warranty claims and a legal obligation to keep accounting records for a minimum of 6 years.

It is also important for clients / staff to understand that where we are obligated to comply to an official authority, we can refuse to comply with a request for erasure.

Data breaches
BK Fire Limited has robust procedures in place to avoid data breaches. BK Fire Limited also has a disaster protocol to implement immediately, should a breach of data be discovered. The level of the protocol will depend on the amount of data involved as well as the level and nature of the data breach.

The GDPR sets a high standard for consent. But you often won’t need consent. Consent means offering individuals real choice and control. Genuine consent should put individuals in charge, build customer trust and engagement, and enhance your reputation. We lawfully need to process our customers’ personal data to fulfil our contractual obligations to them, because they have asked for a quote for example. Our customers will volunteer this information because the processing is necessary for us to be able to fulfil their request.

Information we hold:
BK Fire Limited will process customer information such as name, address, contact details and accounting records. All data is held electronically for 6 years following the end of our client relationship. Following this time, data is archived into our client archive and kept only for accounts record keeping. Any data not required for accounts purposes is destroyed (either by deletion from the database or by shredding, if in hard copy format). Data is reviewed regularly (at least annually) to check whether it is suitable for archiving.

Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies to better the users experience while visiting the website.

Cookies are small files saved to the user’s computers hard drive that track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of the website. This allows the website, through its server to provide the users with a tailored experience within this website.
Users are advised that if they wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to their computers hard drive they should take necessary steps within their web browsers security settings to block all cookies from this website and its external serving vendors.

The cookies typically expire after 30 days, though some may take longer. No personal information is stored, saved or collected.

Contact & Communication

Users of this website do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use, as detailed in the GDPR. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form to email submission process but advise users using such form to email processes that they do so at their own risk.

This website and its owners use any information submitted to provide you with information about the records held on services you have contracted to purchase from us. Your details are not passed on to any third parties.

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